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ZK-filebrowser Componentset

ZK-filebrowser Componentset is a set of filebrowser related components:

  • Filebrowser: a fullblown windows explorer like filebrowser with tree, listwindow and filebreadcrumb.
  • Filebrowsertree: a specialised tree component used in filebrowser above.
  • Filebrowsertreeitem: a specialized treeitemcomponent used in filebrowsertree above.

This component set and also this repository here is under construction... also to evaluate the codebeamer tooling for further projects.


Download the lates files from the download section in the Documents area.


Sourcecode is available in the SCM-Repository area.


ZK-Filebroser is released under GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0 (LGPL 3.0)


A demo ist hosted at Play around with the browser, download or upload files by rightclick on files or directories. Try drag and drop. Its the first alpha. The demo runs also in the demo in the iframe below. Feel free to play around with it!