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Tags:    application; audio; catalog; desktop; embedded; eventbus; id3; java; mp3; multimedia; music; mysql; NetBeans; NetBeans Platform; ogg; player; sound; vorbis
jPlay is a proyect aimed to build a music catalog and player Java desktop application, backed by an embbeded SQL database. It currently is a work-in-progress.

While there are countless music applications out there, you can use the fingers of just a single hand, to count for the ones developed using Java language. Even by knowing the benefits of multiplatform single coding that Java offers, it seems that multimedia development is not so much attractive to java developers, at least for the desktop.

The main reason for starting this project, is much more related to investigate the true possibilities of Java multimedia development, than to build "another music player". All in all, a project of this kind must be a working application to prove its effectiveness, and show-up its flaws, and not another "theory-on-a-board", in my honest opinion.

jPlay, Music Matters

First early access release coming very soon!

Project guidelines

  1. Netbeans Platform for development: this is a NB Platform application.
  2. Swing for the GUI.
  3. Embedded mySQL as a backend database. There are even no external properties files: everything goes to SQL data tables.
  4. A collection of external libraries for specialized tasks,such as :
  • jaudiotagger for music files tagging
  • jTattoo for LaF skinning
  • jFreechart for some visual representation, like equalizer settings
  • other utility libraries that either support the app design or are a requirement for the main ones.

(that's not written on the stone but as said these are guidelines,except for the use of Netbeans as IDE)

Quick Startup Info

  1. First of all take a look at the code to see what you can improve and the way you'd like to contribute (Software Developer,Content Developer etc..)
  2. Ask for membership to project "king of the hill" choces (so we can welcome you! :-) )
  3. Download source code using netbeans checkout (see tutorials on netbeans site):

There are several sets of source code currently available:

- Old jPlay source code, using Swing Application Framework, which needs a fair amount of external downloadable dependencies. This is no longer under development.

- New jPlay ported to NetBeans Platform, which has three trunks needed for development: JPlayNBP, JPTools, Wrappers. All required files and dependencies are included inside these trunks, so there is no need for any other downloads.

Get familiar with team working using a repository (there are a lot of good tutorials on netbeans site).

Start with the simplest task you found, and ask needed information to project members.

Use IRC and join the #jplay room on freenode dedicated to JPlay development discussions.

We are waiting for you!



Some pictures of jPlay running.

jPlay automatically uses the language of the running system, if it's translated and included in the Localization files, or English by default.

Main screen while playing, showing Discogs information for the current song.

Main screen showing the file system.

Main screen showing the music catalogue.

Main screen showing its 32 bands equalizer.

Some information about jPlay contents.

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