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Note #53742/v60

Site Usage Guide

The OMS Modeling System project is for users to communicate bugs and change requests to the OMS development team. The OMS developement team will monitor this site for Bugs and Change Requests.

There are two trackers set up for this site; Defects and Requests.


The Defect tracker is for OMS users to submit:
  • errors and exceptions they have encountered while installing or running OMS, or
  • in errors they have found in OMS documentation.

Bugs should be submitted individually as seperate items and not grouped together. When a bug is submitted, the submitter should also select the appropriate category and assign a level severity.

  • Example catagories are:
    • Component Building - for errors encounted building a model compoenent,
    • Model Building - for errors encountered combining components into a model,
    • Model Running - for errors encountered running an OMS model that are related to the OMS system itself,
    • Installation - for errors encountered installling the OMS system,
    • Documentation - for errors discovered in OMS documentation.
  • The levels of severity are:
    • Blocker - if the bug prevents the use of OMS to build components or models.
    • Critical - if the bug is seriously handicaps the user in building components or models.
    • Major - if the bug is a major annoyance to the user and slows down the process of building components or models.
    • Minor - if the bug handicaps the user from doing work but would be nice to fix.


Features should be submitted individually as seperate items and not grouped together. The Request tracker is for OMS users to submit:
  • requests for changes in the OMS behavior (how OMS works), or
  • requests for feature enhancements ( behavior or functionality that OMS does not currently have but is desired by the user).
When a change request is submitted, the appropriate category should be selected as well. The Catagories are the same as for Defects.


Forums can and should be used by OMS users communicate with one another and with developers. A forum should address a single topic of concern and should another topic of concern arise during the discussion, a new forum should be started.