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How to write contextual help pages:
  1. locate the panel or node which you want to write help for. Example: double-click on a plottable node. That will get you a plot panel on the right hand side (a TopComponent).
  2. If there is a Help Button, mouse over it to read its help id. For example, say that the Geomodel panel's Help button shows: 'com.streamsim.geomodel.GeomodelPanel' in its tooltip. If there is no tooltip or not a help button, then you will have to ask the programmer the help id, or make one up that the programmer will have to use.
  3. create your help page in this wiki somewhere
  4. start editing that wiki page from its Page Info tab. In that form, edit the description field like:
    That will be picked up as the help id in the off line java help. The part that automates the transformation of your wiki page into pdf is not currently available.


  • That last step will associate the wiki page you create with the panel you located.
  • If you cannot find the help id on the help button you want to write help for, you have to tell a programmer to insert it.
  • If you do not want to wait for a programmer to give you an id, just create your wiki page anyway. You can even make up an id name if you want: then the programmer will have to use the same id in the code.
  • If no help id shows in tooltips, it either means that either the programmer has not inserted it yet, or that that panel has no contextual help support. You have to ask to the programmer to create that for you.
  • With time, most of the panels and nodes will have contextual help.
  • All TopComponents already have contextual help support as well as all nodes. You can see that by pressing F1 on any TC or node in focus in studioSL.
  • Widget can also have contextual help associated, which can be popped up pressing F1, but this is not standard (we have to add it and it takes about 15 minutes to do for each widget).