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Phase 1: Push (Component population)


  • CompRepo: special tracker in a CB project.
  • CompTI: CB tracker item, hat represents one component
  • CompJar: Jar file that contains all component of a modeling project


  • The new OMS module is an add-on to OMS, not a art of the bundle
  • The sync action should be implemented as ant task, this make it easy to add it to the oms build_impl file and establish dependencies (need to comile/jar up first).

Functional req:

  • X Push new components to the Repository
  • X Update existing components to the Repository
  • X Upload a jar file to the documents section
  • X Establish the references between ComponentTI and its jar file
  • X provide a separate ANT task to build component repository separate from OMS
  • X provide an ANT "publish" task to publish the OMS model to repository
  • BUG: currently broke in CBv5.3 Establish the reference between the jar file and all its components
  • X Provide a readable/printable view on a component's name, description, attributes.
  • X Handle and Provide Component maturity level. (devstatus)
  • X Provide a 'sanity check' to catch incomplete/missing attribute meta data. (author and desc req'd, more fields can be added)

Meta data tags that have to be parsed

  • Description
  • Author
  • Status
  • VersionInfo
  • Attribute
  • AttributeAccess
  • Maturity Level attribute ?


  • A project has an action in its main menu that allows syncing.
  • Performing the action will take the component jar file, analyze
it and perform a push/update/upload to the repository via the ANT "publish" task

Phase 2: Pull (Component retrieval)