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Repository Goals/Evaluation

What are the goals for development, and deployment of the OMS Component Repository?

  • in terms of component search/retrieval operations
    • Precision
    • Recall
  • in terms of cost of contributing a component
    • What is the individual effort to contribute a component to the repository?
      • to describe component with metadata annotations
      • to develop documentation
      • to develop examples
      • to develop test cases
    • How can technology help reduce these costs?
  • in terms of organizational costs
    • repository setup costs
    • repository maintenance costs
    • costs to develop and contribute components
    • costs to market repository
  • How do we know when the repository has collected a critical mass of components?
  • How do we know if the repository is successful?
  • Can the effort to build and deploy the repository in terms of costs listed above be justified?

OMS Component Repository

  • Domain specific repository
  • Repository Codebeamer Interface: Issue Tracker
  • Repository Netbeans plugin supports integration with IDE
  • Repository stores source code for components and also meta data which act as the component surrogates for search and retrieval purposes
  • Workflow efficiency with respect to building a model
    • How does the availability of a component repository of reusable modeling components help streamline the model building process? Is there a time savings? This could be viewed as a case study to evaluate effectiveness of component based model development.



  • Convincing modelers to implement models with a component based architecture as opposed to legacy methods
    • Refactoring existing monolithic models
    • Development of new models with an OMS, component based architecture
  • Components need to be mature enough to be included/placed into a reusable repository
    • Components must provide some standalone function (or a small set of coupled components must provide some standalone function)
  • Achieve critical mass of components in the repository
    • What is critical mass? Does this differ among modeling subdomains?
  • Could OMS include provisions to simplify creation of unit tests for components?


  • Related Literature Papers about software repositories, component based software development, software reuse, etc.