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Component Oriented Modeling

People identified as working in scientific modeling using a component based architecture:

Robert Argent, CSIRO Australia

Andrea Rizzoli Switzerland

Component Contributors

Component contributors are stakeholders likely to create components, and contribute content to the OMS component repository.

  • Frank Geter, USDA NRCS, Fort Collins Colorado
  • George Leavesley, USDA ARS/CSU, Fort Collins Colorado
  • Jim Ascough, USDA ARS, Fort Collins Colorado
  • Unnamed Member from Flannagan’s group, Indiana
  • Unnamed Member from Steve Markstrom’s Group, USGS, Lakewood Colorado
  • Olaf David, USDA ARS, Fort Collins Colorado

Component Consumers

Component consumers are stakeholders likely to use the OMS component repository as a search tool for finding modeling components. They may or may not ultimately build models in OMS.
  • Li Wong, USDA ARS, Fort Collins Colorado
  • Tim Green, USDA ARS, Fort Collins Colorado
  • Daniel Moore, Portland OR, Ntl Water Climate Center
  • Roland Viger, USGS, Lakewood Colorado (GIS)

External collaborators

to be identified