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To Do List

These items may eventually be refactored into tracker issues.

  • -----Finalize the (initial) descriptive set of attributes for components
    • --\-- Define development status enum type annotation. One dev status value should indicate that the component should be skipped during publishing
  • ----- Finalize the minimum descriptive requirements for a component to be published. (which attributes are required? are their length requirements for descriptive fields?)
  • ----- When the user tries to publish a library (JAR) of components, publishing should not be allowed to proceed if required attributes are not filled in.
  • ----- Can netbeans flag required component attributes that are not populated? For example: Underline the annotation lines that need to be filled in?
  • --X-- Support source code browsing of components from within the Netbeans IDE.
    • --X-- Http subversion connection/authentication to display code
  • --X-- Alphabetical sorting of the primary column in the tracker. (component name column). If necessary perhaps the TreeTableView component needs to be replaced in order to support this feature?
  • ----- Support of drag and drop from the component palette to the model tree
  • ----- Improve presentation of component attributes in Codebeamer
    • --X-- Create wiki pages to describe OMS attribute datatypes
    • --X-- Hyperlink component attributes to these wiki pages
  • ----- Improve presentation of component attributes in Netbeans module. Add a table or node in the tree specifically to describe component attributes
  • ----- Conduct repository user interviews: component contributors, component consumers
  • ----- Support white box inclusion: A user should be able to import a component's source code directly into a model. This differs than just importing a jar file
  • ----- Ordering of search results: Currently search results are not ordered when they are returned. At a minimum results should be returned in order of descending relevance to the query text. For example if a query is "evapotranspiration", then a component with meta-data including the text "evapotranspiration" 10 times, should be considered more relevant than a component with meta-data including this text string only once.