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The Object Modeling System (OMS) Training Workbook for FORTRAN Modelers

Prepared by
Olaf David, Principal OMS Architect
Jack Carlson, Director, OMS Laboratory
George Leavesley, OMS Modeler
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Cheryl Porter, Principal Crop Simulation Model (CSM) Architect
Yungchul Jung, CSM Developer
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

October, 2011

Course Outline

Overview of the Object Modeling System

Getting Started - Netbeans and the OMS Console

Model Architecture and Design Approach

Creating OMS FORTRAN Science Components

Building and Running a Model of FORTRAN Science Components in OMS

OMS Annotations Reference

OMS Domain Specific Language (DSL) Reference

Provisioning Data to OMS Models (Data Input-Output)

Creating OMS Model System Documentation

CSMLite - The Simple Modular Crop Simulation Model Example