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RetepMicroKernel is a Java Application environmnet suitable for small to medium sized applications where a full J2EE container would be overkill.

As with all projects this requires a current Java 6 (JDK1.6) or later (yes I do test against Java7 occasionally).

You can find more details on the blog at


petermount Feb 03, 2010 14:19

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It’s been a busy couple of months
Apr 17, 2010 13:39
It’s been a couple of busy months with most of my time being taken up with my day job. Most of my time has been spent with either tracking down issues with our live environment, or trying to finish off a couple major projects (both related to XMPP) interspersed with the usual major partner getting […]
Using the retepMicroKernel – Part 2
Jan 04, 2009 11:10
In Part 1 I gave a brief overview of the microkernel and how the application is constructed on disk. In this article I will go through how to actually write an application to run within the retepMicroKernel, from a simple application, one who’s beans are configurable after compile time, to integrating existing Spring applications and […]
Using the retepMicroKernel – Part 1
Dec 29, 2008 07:55
In the first of four posts introducing the retepMicroKernel project, I will describe what the project is, it’s goals and how it can be used to implement lightweight server side application running either standalone or within a J2EE environment. Part 2 will show how to write an application for the kernel and Part 3 will […]

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