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Reifier generics library for Java

The Reifier library provides extensions to the core Java API, defined by the java.lang package, in particular for generic types. It contains utility classes for manipulating generic types and for generating generic types at runtime. In addition, it provides adapters and generic interfaces for creating dynamic proxies and for implementing some well-known Design Patterns, such as Builder, Observer, Command and Dispose.

Other features of Reifier:

  • Implementations of type interfaces in java.lang.reflect for generating generic types at runtime
  • Checking for preconditions, i.e. constructor and method arguments
  • Utility classes for implementing methods defined in java.lang.Object

Reifier started as part of JEDI, a Dependency Injection framework, but is now a separate library. JEDI was initially developed at the Netherlands Forensic Institute and released as Open Source.

The binaries and source code of this library are available under the BSD License.

The sidebar (on the right) contains links to download Reifier or browse the API documentation

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