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Modelibra is a domain model framework for rapid application development. A domain model may be designed, generated, and validated as a web application. Modelibra uses the Wicket web framework for generic web components that are views of model concepts. The generic web components may be mixed with specific web components to develop a professional Wicket application.

In computer terms, a domain model is a model of specific domain classes that describe the core data and their behavior. From an organizational perspective, a domain model is a model of the domain. Within this domain, an organization conducts its business. The memory of any organization may be represented as a domain model.

The heart of any software is a domain model. When a model is well designed and when it can be easily represented and managed in an object oriented language, a developer may focus on views of the software and they are what users care about the most.

By default, Modelibra uses XML files to save domain model data and there is no need for any special installation of software. However, Modelibra provides both the relational and object database persistence. The upgrade of an application from XML data files to a database does not require any specific code. It is enough to change the domain model configuration to run the same application again. Migration between XML files and a database is also provided.

A domain may have several models. In Modelibra, a part of the base model may be exported to another model, which can be taken for an off-line work, then returned back to synchronize changes with the base model.

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