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GeoWind is an open source GIS platform that integrates OGC as implemented in GeoTools within NASA's WorldWind.

The vision of this effort is the creation of an open geospatial system that enables the scientific modeling process to be closer to a 'real world' experience.

Some of the planned and anticipated use cases are querying and mapping available data for modeling problems using OGC web services, stepwise delineation of model parameter, embedded execution of an environmental model and its direct mapping of state variables into a world view, or simply the mapping of spatial/temporal model results in a realistic way that was never possible in the past.

GeoWind leverages the following technologies:

  1. A Geotools/Worldwind integration library and
  2. an API that allows the adaptation of simulation models or modeling frameworks such as OMS.

GeoWind is in early development! However, we think it is already a useful tool for exploring local and remote GIS data.

Feature Overview

  • Most of all general useful WorldWind features are available, such as:
    • Globe navigation
    • Anaglyph Stereo view
    • Vertical exaggeration
    • Fly to a lat/long location
    • Switch from globe to flat earth view and apply different projections
    • Load maps from WMS sources.
  • Show OGC conform Features sources.
    • Shapefiles can be loaded as Worldwind layers, attributes, and styled layer descriptors
    • Classify Shapefile features based on attribute data.
    • Query attribute data and select features.
    • Create new attributes and perform spreadsheet-like calculations on attributes
    • Add parameter files from models or modeling frameworks(currently OMS)
  • Visualize Geotiff files as Worldwind Layers.
  • Visualize KML/KMZ files as Worldwind layers for basic Geometries
  • Find a location using Geonames webservice.


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Most of the user interface parts such as layer management, view settings, catalog lookup, etc. should be intuitive to use. Besides that:
  • To add a local Shapefile: Just drag a .shp file from your file explorer and drop it on the globe. It loads and fly to it. Shapefiles must have projection and attributes.
  • The same applies for geotiff files and KMLs.
  • Double click on a Shapefile or KML layer in the layer list to fly to it.
  • Right click on a layer in the layer list to remove it from the view.

Note Many features such as saving/loading a view configuration are not implemented yet...

You can participate in many ways in this project.

Checkout the source code once you joined and become a developer