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Project description

This project contains the code for building an update-site which contains all plugins provided by Intland. At the end it should look -something- like this update site in your Eclipse too:

To achieve this the SCM repository contains several Eclipse projects - mostly PDE feature projects - and also the source of the Hg-binary project for Windows.

Steps to rebuild the update site:

Check out all Eclipse projects

If you need to rebuild the update site and all plugins in a fresh and empty Eclipse installation then first you need to check out all the projects from their repositories. The projects are:

All projects are using Mercurial as version control.

Checkout urlProject(s) created from this site
site-for-all com.intland.hgmylyn.tests

Building all projects and the update site

Manual build

The manual build of all features and the update site is done by clickin on the File->Export menu of Eclipse and then choose "Deployable features" from the Plug-in development section.

First choose these features: "com.intland.all.plugins", "com.intland.hgbinary.win32", "com.intland.hgmylyn", "mercurialeclipse", "org.codebeamer.eclipse.mylyn_feature".

On the destination tab set the "Directory" to export to "/tmp/export" (or similar):

On the options tab check "Qualifier" checkbox, and set it to today's date prefixed with "v", for example: v20100408:

On the "Jar signing" tab choose the keystore. The keystore is called "eclipse-keystore" file, and it can be generated by running the "genkey" target running "build-export.xml" ant task in the "site-for-all" project:

After all this is done click on finish, and all features will be generated at the export directory "/tmp/export" in this case. Few more steps needed:

  • delete the artifacts.jar and the content.jar in the export directory. These files must not be uploaded to the update site (otherwise the categories are not displayed properly when using this update site.).
  • make a copy and edit the site.xml from the "site-for-all" project. This is the template for your update site. Edit this file and replace all occurences of the "qualifier" text with the qualifier you have used on the wizard screen before (v20100408 in our example).
  • upload all the jars of the export directory to your update site in the same structure as on the update site (easiest if you zip them)
  • if necessary merge the existing site.xml with the template site.xml you've just created in the previous step. The site.xml should be put next to the features and plugins directory, so at the end the file-structure will look like:
|-- features
|   |-- com.intland.all.plugins_1.0.0.v201005030228.jar
|   |-- com.intland.hgbinary.win32_1.4.3.v201005030228.jar
|   |-- com.intland.hgmylyn_0.0.1.v201005030228.jar
|   |-- mercurialeclipse_1.6.0.v201005030228.jar
|   `-- org.codebeamer.eclipse.mylyn_feature_3.0.0.v201005030228.jar
|-- plugins
|   |-- com.intland.codebeamer.remoting_5.4.3.v201005030228.jar
|   |-- com.intland.hgbinary.win32_1.4.3.v201005030228.jar
|   |-- com.intland.hgmylyn_0.0.1.v201005030228.jar
|   |-- com.vectrace.MercurialEclipse_1.6.0.v201005030228.jar
|   |-- org.codebeamer.eclipse.mylyn.core_3.0.0.v201005030228.jar
|   |-- org.codebeamer.eclipse.mylyn.ui_3.0.0.v201005030228.jar
|   |-- org.codebeamer.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.core_1.3.0.v201005030228.jar
|   `-- org.codebeamer.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.ui_1.3.0.v201005030228.jar
`-- site.xml

Building using ant scripts

Building also is possible using the provided ant scripts in the site-for-all project. Steps are illustrated in this video: pde-export.avi, and also described here:

  • Go to the site-for-all project and run the build-export.xml using the "Ant build..." right-click menu. But be careful, and on the configuration-wizard for this ant task select the "Run in the same JRE as the workspace" on the JRE tab. This is necessary to have the PDE classes on the classpath of this ant script.
  • Click run, and the PDE Export will start in background. Wait until this process completes in eclipse (watch the progress bars). During this run all the plugins and features are built in the directory of "/tmp/export".
  • After the export is complete run the build-site.xml in the same project. This ant script will sign all the plugin jars, and also zips them to /tmp/ file. Also it prepares the site.xml by replacing the qualifier-s of the plugins and puts the result to /tmp/site.xml
  • Next upload all the jars and upload and/or merge the site.xml to your update site.

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