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Project description

Exodus it's free open source action script library wi th components for develop enterprise level application. I and My team use Flex in the comercial projects about 3 years. At some times ago we decide publish our library of components.
Exodus it's not only library, but it also a framework that can help to build enterprise application in easy way.

That are already done

  • Select Object from dictionary (auto complete with powerful combination)
  • DataGrid with searchable, sortable columns (support backend search)
  • Asynchronous collections, what can accumulate changes and post it to database (DataSet)
  • Page loading
  • Adding custom layout system (at this moment flex 4 use such system)
  • Migrate MigLayout from java
  • Security Level components (you can set security on basic functions enabled, visible and others )
  • Basic support of global hotkeys and context hotkeys

In our plan continue to develop this library, the more important direction is:

  • Include more powerful components
  • Migrate to flex 4
  • Improve hotkey support.
  • Bug fixing (we use this library every day and it very important)
  • Write some plugins for library

Please, see the demo page for more details. Interest pages:
How to build
Sample Project Tutorial