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Wiki #103771/v30
A beta-grade VisualVM plugin to monitor the activity of clusters of Java application servers.

The aim is to aggregate the various metrics of each JVM in a cluster and present it in an understandable way and agreeable way. That's why VisualVM & Netbeans were chosen as the base platform and the beautiful Steelseries ( gauges and other measurement components.

Features for the next release:

  • Define clusters in a the tree structure left on the screen.
  • Import/export the settings into a portable XML file.
  • Present for each cluster
    • The vitals : CPU%, GC%, Heap usage and permgen usage. Each with a pretty gauge with gray, oranje, green and red zones.
    • Alerts : Noteworthy facts of what's currently happening in the cluster.
    • Top : Currently running threads of the JVM's together with their duration, stack trace, ...
    • Alias : Tell the plugin how to associate a process name to a stack trace.

I'm currently in a user test phase and often refactoring the code stack. So, any volunteer is welcome to test ! :-)

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