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This is the "Beehive" project, which goal is to provide an Eclipse developer with an automated recommender system that displays possibly useful resources based on the context he is currently working in.

Beehive is

  • a plug-in for the Eclipse framework that, while a programmer is working in Eclipse, provides him with a list of hints to resources that might be useful to him in that moment, based on his current context.
  • a backend which maintains an index about a custom-defined set of resources such as Source code files, E-Mail, Web pages, Wikipedia articles or PDF documents.

When the search for such recommendations is triggered (currently this is done manually), the plug-in extracts the context (currently: The content of the active text editor, and the position of the cursor) and sends it to the backend, which finds relevant items from its index and returns them to the plug-in. The items are displayed in a list view.

See Screenshot

This project has been started in the scope of my Master's thesis. The idea seems promising to me, however I do not have enough time and knowledge to bring it to the level where it can actually be used productively. So I decided to make the source code public and to invite YOU to help advance it.

I believe that, as the product gets mature it could be much fun and help for an eclise user. It would give me great pleasure if you decide to join and invest in this project.

The current structure of the repository is:

Path Description
beehive Source code and design documents
beehive\irsystem Backend (Java, EJB) and generic client module
beehive\plugin Eclipse plug-in
masterthesis Thesis, presentation and more

More information is coming soon.



chiccodoro Aug 30, 2008 03:12

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