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Welcome to project Y3JRUN
Step by step ...
Aim of project Y3JRun is an application, which handles running competitions. Most needed features are:
  • Handle contacts. Persons can take part in different competitions and disciplins.
  • Handle competitions. Contacts, which take part are names participants.
  • Handle ageclasses definitions. For runners it is very important to get a comparism to their personal ageclass, including genders. For each competition a different ageclasses definition needs to be useable.
  • Handle disciplines. A competition often offers multiple different disciplines. These are grouped by types (like, running or nordic walking) and lenght (like 10Km, 21Km, Marathon).
  • Handle participations. Manage combinations of competition, discipline, payments, participants, certifications, participation numbers, result times, donations.
  • Import participations from webapplication, which people use (already today) to announce for a competition.
  • Reporting
    • Starting grid lists.
    • Result lists for disciplins, ageclasses, genders and possible combinations of these result lists.
    • Statistics like oldest participant, youngest participant, etc.
    • Certifications for each participation.
    • Mass reports generation for finished disciplines.
    • Mass mailing to send certifications and result lists to the participants; if wanted by participant.
    • Web publishing of result lists to wordpress.

Find Y3JRUN next stage at for Release 2013.1.

Good to know: For Release 2014.1 Y3JRun is back on this platform. Nice to see the big improvement of javaforge.

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