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The Videoclipse project is intended to create a video file management software based on the vlcj libraries and eclipse.

Searching the internet you can find 3 types of applications that can catalog video files:

  • Professional digital asset management systems that are web based and expensive.
  • DVD software which is specialized on cataloging DVDs discs.
  • Picture management applications like Picasa which have (poor) support for videos.

None of them fits the needs of a software used to calalog the 1000s of small video files you probably have on your hard disk.

Unfortunately there are a lot of different video formats and just a few of them provide the possibility to add metadata like for MP3 files. So the only way is to store video file metadata in a separate store and link it to the video files by pathname.

Videoclipse will store video metadata like title, actors, tags, etc. in a database so multiple instances of the application can access the metadata from different locations.

One core functionality of the Videoclipse is be to provide a video browser window with manually selected or automatically generated preview pictures of the videos.

To play the videos and to select the preview images there will be an integrated VLC videoplayer. VLC is able to play almost all used video formats and vlcj provides a Java API to control the player.

The project is in a very early state and far from being usable. Also im not sure yet if the final version will be platform independed or only for Windows systems.


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