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Microsoft Project Importer for codeBeamer is an open source project to import tasks from Microsoft Project files (MPP) into codeBeamer issue trackers.


  • Importing data from Microsoft Project files:
    • Each task in MPP will generate a new issue in the target tracker.
    • The new issue properties will be set according to MSP task properties by hardcoded rules. (You can't define property mappings.)
    • Parent/child dependencies will be set according to MSP hierarchy.
    • One-by-one dependencies will be set according to MSP dependencies.
  • Importer will display a short statistics about imported data. something like: "53 imported, 1 skipped, 2 failed. Project URL: xxxx"

The importer is implemented as a commandline Java application.

It supports Codebeamer versions from 5.8 to 6.0 (others are not tested).


Download the application here:

This single archive contains the JAR file with all dependencies (open source libraries and the CodeBeamer remote API client library).


You can launch the application with the following commandline:

java -jar msproject.jar <mode> <cb-url> <login> <pass> <tracker> <msp-file>

Input parameters:

  1. mode - import or export (Export is not implemented)
  2. URL - Codebeamer server URL. Example:
  3. file - Path to MS Project file
  4. login - Login name of the user which will be author of created issues
  5. password - Password
  6. tracker - CodeBeamer Tracker id under which the new issues will be created


This plugin is free & open source. There is no commercial support available for this plugin.


MS Project file screenshot

Imported issues in CodeBeamer tracker