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What is MercurialEclipse?

MercurialEclipse is a plugin providing support for the highly popular Mercurial distributed version control system within the Eclipse IDE.

MercurialEclipse supports:
  • cloning repositories and importing them as Eclipse projects
  • push, pull and convenient syncronization
  • working with branches (branch, merge and rebase)
  • tags
  • undo (backout, rollback and strip)
  • diffs
  • histories
  • patches
  • Mercurial extensions (mqueue, transplant and such)
A picture is worth a thousand words, have a look at the plugin screenshots.

Synchronization View
Pushing and pulling changes could not be easier.

Change Histories
Friendly and fast browsing of repository history.

Working with tags and branches are fully supported.

Transplanting Patches
Support for Mercurial extensions right in Eclipse.

MercurialEclipse Project - Activity Stream

No activities recently.

MercurialEclipse 1.9.1 is available! New!
What's new? Changes
  • Important bug fixes for potential deadlocks
  • Misc minor bug fixes
  • Patch conflict handling for unshelve, import, qpush, qfold (like Ilya implemented for transplant)
  • Shelve usability
  • Release Notes

Already comfortable Mercurial and want to go one step further?

Your team needs secure Mercurial connections?
Apache HTTPD is your friend! Read the Mercurial with Apache howto to set this up quickly.

Need efficient task management to get the stuff done?
Install CBES to manage tasks, bugs and requirements in Eclipse, and associate them with your Mercurial changes simply! It is based on Mylyn, the award winning task framework.

See more MercurialEclipse tutorials

How to Contribute
You can help with programming, reporting bugs, submitting patches by attaching them to issues, and writing documentation in these wiki pages. The Eclipse Update Site for the development snapshots of the next release is available at this URL:
Your participation is much appreciated!
Sign up (if not yet), login, and join the MercurialEclipse project

How can I download the plugin?

To download or upgrade MercurialEclipse, please sign up at JavaForge first.
After signing up, you can get the plugin easily using the Eclipse Update Manager, just click HelpSoftware Updates in Eclipse. The Eclipse Update Site for MercurialEclipse is available at this URL:
If you are not familiar with getting new software and updates to Eclipse, please read this article.

If you have the URL of our older update site registered (, then please delete that from your update sites. It is deprecated and can cause problems during an upgrade.

With a valid JavaForge user account, you will be able to submit bug reports and feature request to the MercurialEclipse trackers. Plus, we can notify you of new plugin releases, community news and project roadmap information.

If you have trouble using the update site then you can download the plugin jars and install manually from here: plugin directory

How can I get the source source code?

Read here more about checking out source code from a JavaForge repository and see this page for the clone URL. If you are in a hurry, then run this Mercurial command (you can do this anonymously):
hg clone
If you want learn more about cloning this repository with Mercurial, then this tutorial is a great starting point.

How can I get support?

You can get community support by submitting your questions or report issues in the trackers of this projects.
If you are interested in commercial support with guaranteed level of service, please send an email to info(at)

Is MercurialEclipse ready for production?

Intland is eating its own dog food. We are using MercurialEclipse to develop all our commercial products, like codeBeamer, codeBeamer MR and Participate.