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Jenkins-Codebeamer integration demo project

This project contains the code and instructions about how to set up and repeat the demo for the Jenkins->Codebeamer integration.


  • The demo works with CodeBeamer 7.1.2 or above only
  • Was tested and run on latest Jenkins version 1.558
  • use Java version 7

Steps to set up the demo:

CodeBeamer configuration

  • Start a CodeBeamer instance and create following Test Cases:

Multiplication TestMultiply 3*1, the result should be 3
Subtraction TestSubstract 3-1, the result should be 2
Addition TestAdd 3+1, the result should be 4
  • Modify Test Case workflow and add a new "Automated" step as here:
  • Check out the demo project and modify the to contain the appropriate ids of the just created Test Cases in Codebeamer. Commit and push that back to repository.

Jenkins configuration

  • Create a new Jenkins project and check out cbci project into that
  • Set up Maven build with "test" target in this Jenkins project
  • Configure "codeBeamer Trigger" in Jenkins so the schedule should be "* * * * *" to run it every minute. As groovy script use the "trigger-script.groovy" file available in this demo repository:
  • Configure Junit test result report to use "target/surefire-reports/*.xml" project
  • Enable "codeBeamer Publisher" script and use "postbuild-script.groovy" in there. Can be found in this scripts.
  • Edit these scripts and modify the CodeBeamer login url and user name to be able to connect the CB repository
  • Also update and use the correct id for the Test Run tracker in both scripts at this line:
    testRunTrackerId = 1036

Running the demo

The demo is performed as:
  • Make all 3 TestCases "Accepted" status, and turn the "Multiplication" and "Addition" tests automatic
  • Start a new Test-set-run with all these 3 testcases inside
  • The Jenkins trigger should run and detect that there are new "Automated" tests appeared in Codebeamer
  • The Jenkins should do the build and the post-build script should write back the result of the Junit test runs to Codebeamer as here:

As presentation we should show inside Jenkins that the junit tests has run and one of them was failed. And then show that the integration has sent back the 2 "Automated" tests' result to Codebeamer. These are appeared the Test Run tacker. The "Failed" test's description contains the detailed junit test failure: