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This is an academic project intended to illustrate SOA concepts.

The project is based in the design and development of a BPEL Bay-like application. Actors and use cases are illustrated in the system use case diagram bpelBayUC.png. The services are classified in basic business services and orchestrated (process based) services. Another UC from a service point of view is:  Examples of these services are

  1. account management services Account Management Services.png 
  2. search services Search Service.png and another view (activity diagram) searchingServices.PNG
  3. bidding process Bidding Process.png and another view (activity diagram) biddingProcess.PNG
  4. end-transaction process End Transaction Process.png

Example of a bpel process that needs to be implemented is illustrated in the following picture:

Note: SVN repository URL is


eexposito Jul 24, 2009 05:35

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