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Dependability is a collective term used to describe the availability performance and its influencing factors: reliability performance, maintainability performance, and maintenance support perfomance.

Dependability is used only for general desciptions in non-quantitative terms.

Source: IEC 60050, 191-02-03.

根據IEC 60300-2_2004,可恃性管理指引(Guideline for Dependability Management)之說明,可恃性管理的架構完全與ISO 9000品質管理相調和,包括:

  • 第4章 可恃性管理系統(dependability management system)
  • 第5章 管理責任(management responsibility)
  • 第6章 資源管理(resources management)
  • 第7章 產品實現(product realization)
  • 第8章 量測分析與改善(measurement, analysis, and improvement)

IEC 60300-2_2004建議之可恃性計畫,包括六項工作要項及32項工作項目,說明如下:

  • 第1項:管理(management)
    1. 可恃性方案(dependability plan)
    2. 可恃性規格(dependability specifications)
    3. 流程控制(control of processes)
    4. 設計控制(design control)
    5. 監視與審查(monitoring and review)
    6. 供應鍊管理(supply-chain management)
    7. 產品介紹(product introduction)
  • 第2項:可恃性學域(dependability disciplines)
    1. 可靠性工程(reliability engineering)
    2. 維護性工程(maintainability engineering)
    3. 維修支援工程(maintenance support engineering)
    4. 標準化(standardization)
    5. 人性因子(human factors)
  • 第3項:分析、評估與評鑑(analysis, evaluation, and assessment)
    1. 應用環境分析(analysis of application environments)
    2. 可靠性建模與模擬(reliability modelling and simulation)
    3. 零件評估與控制(part evaluation and control)
    4. 設計分析與產品評估(design analysis and product evaluation)
    5. 原因─效應衝擊與風險分析(cause-effect impact and risk analysis)
    6. 預估(prediction)
    7. 權衡分析(trade-off analysis)
    8. 生命週期成本(life-cycle costing)
    9. 可靠性成長(reliability growth)
  • 第4項:查證與確認(verification and validation)
    1. 查證與確認策略(verification and validation strategy)
    2. 可恃性展示(dependability demonstration)
    3. 可靠性應力篩選(reliability stress screening)
  • 第5項:知識庫(knowledge base)
    1. 知識庫建立(knowledge base establishment)
    2. 資料分析(data analysis)
    3. 資料蒐集與分發(data collection and dissemination)
    4. 可恃性紀錄(dependability records)
  • 第6項:改善(improvement)
    1. 預防與矯正措施(preventive and corrective actions)
    2. 更新與修改(upgrade and modification)
    3. 核心技術發展與提升(competence development and enhancement)
    4. 管理系統改善(management system improvement)

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