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Darwin - An incremental XSLT processor

Where XML evolution begins.

Planned features

  • To provide mapping from source DOM document to result DOM document
  • To Effectively project modification from Source to Result document
  • Tracking of modifications in Result DOM document
  • Based on Xalan-J, Java
  • Conformant to XSLT 1.0
  • Extended version of javax.xml.transform api

Use cases

  • Makes wysiwyg xml editor the most powerful
  • Repeated transformations done effectively
  • XSLT view maintanance

Licensing and roadmap

  • planned licensing - GPL
  • Pre-production
  • planned technology preview on 1.9.2008

Help wanted

  • XSLT skilled java programmer/designers

Last updated on 24.11.2007, developed by Tomas Studva