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!!Project description \\ __Exodus__ it's free open source action script library wi th components for develop enterprise level application. I and My team use Flex in the comercial projects about 3 years. At some times ago we decide publish our library of components. \\__Exodus__ it's not only library, but it also a framework that can help to build enterprise application in easy way. That are already done *Select Object from dictionary (auto complete with powerful combination) *DataGrid with searchable, sortable columns (support backend search) *Asynchronous collections, what can accumulate changes and post it to database (DataSet) *Page loading *Adding custom layout system (at this moment flex 4 use such system) *Migrate MigLayout from java *Security Level components (you can set security on basic functions enabled, visible and others ) *Basic support of global hotkeys and context hotkeys you simple application. Please, see the home page for more details. \\In our plan continue to develop this library, the more importantin such direction is: * Include more powerful components * Migrate to flex 4 *Improve hotkey support. Adding support of hotkeys * Bug fixing (we use this library every day and it very important) * Write some plugins for library Please, see the home page for more details.