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%%(background-color:#FFE9A4; border-left:10px solid #FFA563; padding:15px; margin:10px;) __FREE Download__\\ Want to try codeBeamer in your own infrastructure? [Download|http://intland.com/products/download.html#download] it for free and install it in minutes. %% %%information This is the wiki __homepage of the ''CMSC621 Fall 2009 Hadoop Team B2WC Project'' project__, that is visible for all members and prospective partners.\\ %% [{Table style='background: none;' |(vertical-align:top;) [{ProjectInfo}] \\ [{CommitStatistics}] \\ [{SourceCodeSummary}] |(vertical-align:top;) [{Members}] \\ [{RecentNews}] \\ [{RecentWikiPages}] \\ [{RecentDocuments}] \\ [{RecentTrackerItems}] \\ [{RecentBuilds}] \\ [{BestWikiPages title='Highest Rated Wiki Pages' cssStyle='width:100%'}] \\ |(vertical-align:top;) [{TimeSeriesChart title='Commits' legend='false' width='200' height='150' [{DataSet data='commitTrend' since='7' format='timeSeriesChart'}] }] \\ \\ [{TimeSeriesChart title='Issues' width='200' height='200' [{DataSet data='trackerItemChangeTrend' since='7' format='timeSeriesChart'}] }] }]