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Assigned to: BGE_Monster Nov 07 03:56 Submitted by: BGE_Monster Nov 07 03:12 Modified by: Monster Nov 07 03:56
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Since 2.49 the BGE supported international Charecters in BitmapTextObjects (e.g. ÖÄÜ). With the switch to Python 3.0 starting with BGE 2.5 the BitmapTextObjects incorrectly interpret thischaracters as two ascii characters (rather than unicode).

It needs to be checked if BGE 2.64 supports the international characters.

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Submitted Comment
Nov 07 03:54
Just tested ....

Blender 2.64 does not support international characters with BitmapTextObjects

ÖÄÜ results in A with and square. I guess this is the ascii interpretation of this unicode character

I'm not sure if it is worth to open a bug