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Cannot tame recently added creatures with CTS#437980/v3
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Cannot tame recently added creatures with CTS[BUG-437980]

Tracker: Bugs Priority: LowestLowest Assigned to: --
Submitted by: RCon Feb 10, 2015 14:48 Status: New Modified by: RCon Feb 16, 2015 20:07
Category: User interface Severity: Trivial Resolution: --
Server: Deglos
Tried taming a parrot last night, but got the message that the knowledge is not yet available and that the number 7 is somehow a key (which is normal for animals that have not yet been hooked to CTS). Have now received similar messages for Shadow Mastiff on Underdark, Gray Render on Mikona, and Osquip on Underdark. All four were supposed to be added in the last CTS update, and I know that Gray Render has worked in the past, so I suspect the most recent set of animals added have been un-added somehow.

Magebane Bat was also added in the last update, and it has now reverted to a normal bat when tamed, so seems to be all related.

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