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Viscid Globe auto dispellable.#14286/v2
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Viscid Globe auto dispellable.[BUG-14286]

Tracker: Bugs Priority: NormalNormal Owner: --
Assigned to: -- Submitted by: gairus May 01, 2011 15:53 Status: Open
Modified by: MadKat Nov 30, 2011 11:59 Start Date: -- End Date: --
Estimated Hours: -- Spent Effort: -- % Spent / Plan: --
Category: Spellhooking Severity: Minor Resolution: --
Server: MChek OP-SYS: -- Milestones: --
Creatures affected by the snare spell Viscid Globe (Wiz/Sorc 4) are automatically freed by an rank of dispel cast on the webbed victim. Making what is supposed to be a reliable CC on the off chance you get it to stick... not reliable in the slightest. :c
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