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Reflect changes to mercurial queues (MQ) in GUI[CRQ-14207]

Work tracker: Change Requests Priority: NormalNormal Status: Closed
Submitted by: gaxweb Apr 15, 2011 07:24 Assigned to: johnpeb Jul 03, 2011 02:09 Category: Usability
Resolution: Implemented Release: -- Detected: --
There have been some changes to the commands of mercurial queues that should be reflected in the interface to not confuse recent users (like me).
qdel -r
has been deprecated as of Mercurial v1.2 and superseded by
See: Mercurial Wiki. The Mercurial Patch Queue view only says

Which brings me to another convention violation: some of those links bring up a dialog (qnew), while others don't (qrefresh). Usually, commands that invoke a dialog are being suffixed with a horizontal ellipse (...). It would be wise to do that here as well, so you're not afraid to press the buttons.

So my request is really to add qfinish to the commands in the Mercurial Patch Queue view pane and those dots.

Background for the curious: I was looking for qfinish to apply my patch, but couldn't find it. Since qdel was missing the three dots I was too scared to click it - let alone the fact that it didn't occur to me to click a delete button in that moment, but I'm aware that this is not your fault. So I had to waste some time to find out what's wrong until i realized I had to click qdel.

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