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Submitted by: jonszy Apr 11, 2011 15:20 Assigned to: -- Category: Wizards
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I'm finding that the MercurialEclipse Pull/Push dialog is really fighting me when attempting to use a mercurial-server url in the form, ssh://hg@host/repo. 

As soon as I set the URL to "ssh://hg@host/repo" the username field is automatically replaced with "hg."  While I understand why this is done, it is a bit annoying in the sense that if the developer doesn't change the username back to what they had before (FirstName Lastname <email>), our repo ends up containing commits associated with the "hg" username, rather than the "real" username we'd like to have.  Furthermore, when selecting the URL from the dropdown, the "hg@"  portion of the URL has been removed, presumably because it gets placed in the Username field.

To reiterate: when I open the push/pull dialog I'd like to see "ssh://hg@host/repo" and "Fname Lname <email>" and I'd like these values to stick.  Any chance we could just pull the username from ~/.hgrc and the URL from the default-push value in the repo's .hgrc?

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