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1.01 (not scheduled)
Issues added fixed in egit 1.01
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70 done 16 open
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HighestBUG-20052Cannot create new tag--ilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-19830Synchronization config dialog is not pre-populated correctlyReopenedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-20200Logging initialization errorNewilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-19936Replace With HEAD doesn't work when file was movedNewilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-19829SV is not refreshed after using "Add to Git Index"--ilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-19937SV working tree changes are not updated after DeleteNewilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighTSK-19524SV Rebase buttonNewilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighTSK-14031Updating Synchronize View after some actionsPartly completedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
NormalBUG-20603Decoration exception on WindowsNewilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-18385In Compare dialog Ctrl. does not jump to the next file if Commit Dialog--ilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalTSK-20495Criss-cross merge error message is misleadingNewilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
NormalTSK-14098Supporting Replace With Branch,Tag Reference--ilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
LowCRQ-14152Edit resources in compare editor--ilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Change Requests
LowTSK-13479Forced checkout--ilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
LowestBUG-18529Cannot import project in 64bit EclipseReopenedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
LowestBUG-20061NullPointerException when creating a branch--ilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-17473After cloning a repositoriy, the "origin/push" Git property gets gerritized even if I chose not to configure my project for EGitClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-19820Can't replace with HEAD when Cherry-pick in progressResolvedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-19819Deleting branch doesn't work from Team menuClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-13927File is reported as modified after Team->Replace by HEADClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-19894I used to install EGit but got errorClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-14108Merge commit contains lots of files that were not modifiedResolvedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-13926No OCT support for incoming changesClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-18649Sync view forced fetchClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-19598Synchronize config, missing branch & resizingClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-13973Synchronize view seems to do unnecessary updatesClosed--EGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestBUG-13925Synchronize view should support pullClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighestCRQ-19387CommitViewer date & timeClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Change Requests
HighestCRQ-18650Improving Fetch/Push from/to Upstream usabilityResolvedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Change Requests
HighestTSK-19525Replace Ignore with Assume unchanged in SVCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighestTSK-13923Synchronize dialog should preselect current branchCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighestTSK-13625Synchronize include uncommitted changes should be defaultCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighestTSK-13924Synchronize view should support FetchingCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighestTSK-13970Synchronize view should support OpenCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighestTSK-14078Synchronize view should support PushCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighestTSK-14119Synchronize view should support re-synchronizationCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighBUG-19544"Team" menu changes to inactive when I move the cursor over itResolvedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-18944Assume Unchanged for SVClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-14203Commit dialog is slowClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-13974Ctrl. does not jump to the next file in Synchronize viewClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-14188In some cases there are missing change sets in sync viewClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-19466Push never completesClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-14111Right mouse click in History/SV blocks UIClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-19656Stackoverflow when a ref is deletedClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighBUG-14074Sync View exceptionClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
HighCRQ-14154Rebase Merge Tool supportClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Change Requests
HighCRQ-14194Sync View should support RebaseClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Change Requests
HighTSK-17472[sync] Implement sorting change sets by directionCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighTSK-19635Hiding irrelevant option in SV popup menuCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighTSK-19429Pre-configuration for cloned repositoryCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighTSK-18350Removing Commit IndexCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighTSK-14024Selector for older commitsCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighTSK-19281Supporting integration workflowCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighTSK-14077Synchronize view should support DeleteCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighTSK-13987Synchronize view should use compressed tree layout (as default)Completedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
HighTSK-18074Upgrade JGit to latest versionCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
NormalBUG-19515'Assume Unchanged' didn't work for a fileClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-20125'Nothing to fetch' exceptuionResolvedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-14202Changes in merge change sets are incorrectClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-19601Checking out a new branch (switch to) doesn't restore filemode information correctlyResolvedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-14079Commit option doesn't work for multiselectionClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-19479Delete command removes file from indexClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-14073Duplicated controls in SVClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-18528Eclipse hangs in Tag creation dialogClosed--EGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-14200EGit Push doesn't update remote tracking branchClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-13988Merge doesn't work in SVClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-19486Re-cloned repository is not visible in import wizardClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-19478Replace with HEAD doesn't work onClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-18178Saving file takes too much timeClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-14086Slow resource decorationClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-19588Undating push config on branch creationClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-18647UndeclaredThrowableException when trying to merge a PR from eclipseResolvedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-14087Wrong branch name in project decorationClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalBUG-18539Wrong branchname on the fetch dialogClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
NormalCRQ-14153Blame ToolClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Change Requests
NormalCRQ-14201History View should use configurable date formatClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Change Requests
NormalCRQ-19526Multi-repository sync viewClosedakostajti, aron.gombas, ilya_ivanov, zkoppanyEGit for Mylyn → Change Requests
NormalCRQ-17457Pull Request merging work flowClosedakostajti, aron.gombas, ilya_ivanov, zkoppanyEGit for Mylyn → Change Requests
NormalTSK-19804History View of a File should display also other committed files of the changesetsCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
NormalTSK-13419Supporting Replace With HEADCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
NormalTSK-14030Sync view should update when related actions performedCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
NormalTSK-13972Synchronize view should support Replace with ...Completedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
NormalTSK-18718User must be asked if a newly created tag should be included into the pushed RefsCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
LowestBUG-19467Cannot merge two branchesClosedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
LowestBUG-18648The Merge by CB button is shown even for COMPLETED PRsResolvedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Bugs
LowestTSK-19847History of a file should include also other files impacted in the chagesetCompletedilya_ivanovEGit for Mylyn → Tasks
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