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Hightlights by Versions


This version is the result of the work done on the project since December 2010.


  • Meaningful status reports for background operations
    Instead of displaying the truncated hg commandline, a more meaningful status text is displayed for long running background operations. Benefit: you will understand what hg is doing even if not being intimately familiar with the commandline client.
  • Streamlined dependencies
    Streamlining the dependencies of MercurialEclipse allows installing it on "uncommon Eclipse distributions", like Wireframesketcher Studio, for example. (Wireframesketcher is a standalone product based on Eclipse 3.6.)
  • Enhanced merge editor
    No matter what, you have to do manual merging time to time. It became a less frustrating experience now, by introducing helpful goodies like content assist in compare editors.
  • History View enhancements
    Automatic history view refresh, displaying the source of copied files, and some other changes make browing histories more convenient and more efficient.
  • Lots of bugfixes
    You are welcome to scan through the list of all issues resolved in 1.8.

The most active contributors of this release are: Andrei Loskutov, John Peberdy and Søren Mathiasen.


It is a minor maintenance version that fixes a couple of issues found in version 1.7. Please see the next section for the complete list of changes in 1.7.


This version focuses on improving usability in merge conflict situtations. Most importantly, it gives better support for rebase, (automatic) merge, manual merge resolution and undo.
This is a big help for novice users, refugees from the centralized VCS world and anyone unfamiliar with these types of situations. 1.7 is also a major step forward in terms of performance, which is immediately noticeable at very large projects and project portfolios.

  • New "Undo" menu in Synchronize View: "Rollback" and "Backout".
  • Totally overhauled handling of multiple heads: "Rebase" and "Merge" are offered automatically when doing a "Pull and Update" that would result in multiple heads.
  • Tree view of changed files in Synchronized View. File hierarchies are automatically displayed in "compressed folders" mode.
  • MercurialEclipse was updated to leverage Mercurial 1.6. Thus, Mercurial 1.6 is the minimum required version from MercurialEclipse 1.7. (You might need to upgrade your Mercurial installation separately.)
  • New menu item "Open Corresponding Task" in Synchronized View (both for incoming and outgoing change sets). This helps to associate your changes with specific tasks, so you can always know what task or bug or requirement triggered a change. Traceability is great.
    We suggest you giving the Mylyn task framework a try if haven't tried yet. Important link: codeBeamer Eclipse Studio is the bridge between Mylyn task repositories and Mercurial.
  • Performance improvements for repositories with tens of thousands of files and change sets.
  • Performance improvements when multiple projects are synchronized with the same set of repositories. The plugin effectivel reuse synchronization results between projects.

Plus, as always, there is a lots of bugfixes and smaller improvements that are not included in this list. We recommending checking the full list of changes here: You must login to see this link. Register now, if you have no user account yet.

We recommend upgrading to 1.7 to the users of all earlier MercurialEclipse versions.

Kudos goes to John Peberdy, the most active contributor to this version.

Download or upgrade to MercurialEclipse 1.7


This version focuses on enhancing the plugin experience when used in massively multi-project and multi-repo environments.

  • 1.6.0 comes with a full rewrite of the multi-project support, which results in incomparable performance and usability optimization for the enterprise world. Operations on huge repos, that took 10 minutes in earlier versions, now take just 10 seconds!
  • Full support for multiple Eclipse projects under one Mercurial root.
  • Better repository management: improved Clone Wizard, Repositories View and project repository settings.
  • Added first draft of the full-text history search. Now you can grep for any string in the entire repository history.
  • History View usability improvements:
    • New bisect feature.
    • File status decorations: added/removed/changed.
    • Highlighting for merge commits.
    • Tag info for single file history.
    • History navigation up to the root.
    • New context menus to compare/open/replace with parent/other file versions.
  • For Windows users: Mercurial was updated to the 1.4.3 version. Also, Mercurial documentation and man pages were integrated into the Eclipse help. You can now work now completely offline, and never have to leave Eclipse.
  • And, as usual, various performance-, usability improvements, and bug fixes in all areas.


Change log between 1.5.0 RC1 and final (build id  

  • History View:
    • added features like "compare with previous"
    • icon decorations instead of cryptical action letters
    • full set of open/compare context menus for the changeset files
    • highlighting of the base file in the changed files set etc
    • consistency fix: default action for double click is now "compare with the previous"
    • tags can be shown for single files
    • sigcheck analysis is optional now
    • graph view bug/performance fixes
  • Merge View:
    • changed conflict dialog from modal dialog to use 3-way merge editor
    • added context menus to: open merge editor, open default editor, mark resolve/unresolve, show history
    • removed ugly text actions from the toolbar
  • Other improvements:
    • Compare action now compares with the predecessor of the current version, if the file is not changed
    • Enabled reverting a file (even if file is not changed) to a specific revision from revert dialog
    • Added content assistance for the "Switch to" revision text field
    • Added possibility to "close" named branches
    • Annotations are following now file rename/move history
    • Various bug fixes...

1.5.0 RC1

  • Synchronization View: - it has been practically rewritten from scratch. Now it works with bi-directional synching, multiple branches, immediate push/pull operations, diff's, real change sets (not just change files) and all that jazz.
  • Working with multiple branches: - previous plugin versions were pretty much limited to working on the default branch alone. Not anymore. Our team paralelly works on several branches of our core product, so we are confident to say it. Now you are free to push only changesets from one specific branch, if you don't want to push code from the experimental branch to the main repo.
  • Cloning: - detecting Eclipse projects is more stable, and the UI is more responsive. Clone wizard supports multiple projects in one repository and allows to choose which projects to import and to change project names before importing them to the Eclipse workspace.
  • Self-contained packaging: - in Windows, the plugin has no additional dependencies. It is bundled with hg itself and all other required packages. That means you just install the plugin through the Eclipse Update Manager, and it works out of the box. It's that simple.
  • Major performance improvements: - by agressive caching. (Our current benchmark is to be able to run with a project with 10,000 files.). Smaller memory footprint on large projects. File label decorator (version/dirty state etc) is now fast enough to handle projects of ~70,000 files.
  • Renamed/moved/ignored files: - are now fully supported by the history and diff operations and in the Synchronize view.
  • More responsible UI: -  most of the long running operations are now executed in background jobs.
  • Proxy support: - now you can run clone, pull, push, incoming, and outgoing hg commands even if you are sitting behind the proxy.
  • Requires Mercurial 1.3.1+: - the plugin will require at least 1.3.1 hg version. In case you are still using older version, a warning would be shown to prevent you from possible data loss due the incompatible hg version.
  • Tons and tons of bug fixes: - committed over 300 change sets (from overall 1600) and fixed about 100 issues. You can follow the progress in this bug tracker and check what is already fixed in this report