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Alpha 2.0[RELEASE-18966]

Tracker: Releases Status: Unreleased Planned Start-Of-Work: Aug 10, 2011 18:00
Planned Release Date: Aug 29, 2011 18:00! Actual Release Date: -- Planned End-Of-Life Date: Aug 29, 2011 18:00
Created by: steve_w Aug 11, 2011 13:31 Modified by: -- --
This version will have a better code base, support for playing music files (maybe video as well), a tray-icon, an option for disabling the message box pop-up and a solution for the problem of what happens when an alarm was scheduled for a specific time but the user closed the program/the computer wasn't on and the user starts the program again. And the entries in the list will consist out of the alarm's name and maybe it's time of execution.
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Tasks 18967 High In progress Aug 11, 2011 13:35 steve_w steve_w Aug 10, 2011 18:00 Aug 13, 2011 18:00!
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