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No diff actions in the History view for moved files#20055/v4
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No diff actions in the History view for moved files[BUG-20055]

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Submitted by: hgeclipse Oct 16, 2011 07:20 Modified by: johnpeb Oct 17, 2011 22:25 Assigned to: --
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In the MercurialEclipse plugin repo, select aae72537e493 changeset in the history view *opened on the repository root*, it contains two files in the "changed files" table. Try to right click any one of them => no context menu is shown. Historically those files were in the hg repository root directory, but than they were moved one level below. Because of that I guess the compare action code seems to fail to find the right ancestor path in the project (the files now are "outside" the current project) and so fails to show the menu.

<edit> This is also broken for single files history: try to open history for MercurialStatusCache, the context menu in the "changed files" table will mostly be broken for versions before 1.8.2 release tag. Additionally the double click on the changeset will show "no changes" dialog.


Independently of which file were selected in the changeset, a right click context menu must contain entries like "Compare with current" or "Compare with previous", and lot of other stuff.

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Submitted Comment
Oct 17, 2011 22:25
Nice! looks good. Update /plugin/test/compare-test-plan.txt. I think history view item 7 works 100% now.
Oct 16, 2011 16:59
Hi John,

attached patch fixes (partly) the issue for me, so that I can see some actions and diff to current/previous works. Other issues are still there (double click on the file in the changesets part still doesn't show the diff) and can be additionally fixed, but I hope that this could be also fixed.

There can be possible side effects and it can be that we have to change code relying on the null return value of the ResourceUtils.getHandle(), but I guess the benefits are higher then drawbacks.

So what do you think? Should I commit?



UncommittedChanges.patch 1.7 KB
Oct 16, 2011 08:35
Also appears in 1.8.1. The reason is that we do not fully support external files yet, see ChangedPathsPage.getDerivedRevision().